Hope Unlimited Church

Kids Unltd

Kid’s ministries at Hope Unlimited are designed to move each child one step closer in their walk with God each week.

Safe & Secure Environment

Your child’s safety is ensured through a secure check-in system and dependable volunteers.

Age-Appropriate Classes

From early childhood to middle school, your child will experience God’s love in a relatable and relevant way.


Children learn from an early age that their identity is found in a relationship with Jesus and that they were created with a plan and purpose for their life.


Getting started is easy, safe and secure. It is easy for your children to check out our Sunday children’s ministries allowing you to enjoy the service in the worship center.


Babies from birth up to 1 year-old love the Nursery here at Hope. Our Nursery is a place that is designed to meet your child’s needs.

Early Childhood

Children from 2 through 5 years old are welcomed in Kid’s Unlimited. A hands-on, interactive experience allows children to explore while learning how much God loves them, and how Jesus wants to be their friend forever.


We have the perfect place for every child. That includes the children from Club Hope, which is a class designed for children that need additional support. At Club Hope we have staff trained and ready to meet the needs of each child.


Children from 1st grade through 4th grade love learning about the Bible through stories, song and interaction with a strong team of teachers. It is our goal for each child to move one step forward in their walk with God each time they attend class.

Middle School

Our Middle School classes are designed for children from 5th-8th grade. Worship, games, lessons and an emphasis on small group interaction allows youth the freedom to develop integrity, understand their identity and build influence in order to make a difference in the lives of others.

Join Us With Your Family

Want to know more? Let one of our friendly volunteers give you a guided tour, introduce you to the teachers and assistants and answer any questions you have.